Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Review: Pipeworks Brewing Company Glaucus

Brewery:  Pipeworks Brewing Company
Locale:  Chicago, IL
Craft Circa:  2012
Style:  Belgian IPA

Label:  Love it.  Shout out to a local artist, always a homerun.  The bottle art is by Emily Cunningham.  The creature depicted is a Glaucus, which is basically Ariel if she was a dude.  A batch number is hand written on the label, which you can research and discover when that batch was bottled according to their website.  That shows confidence that they feel they will be selling these fast. 

Overall:   For every Belgian Style IPA I’ve had, I’ve probably had 100 American IPAs to counter it.  I have not had too many Belgian IPAs yet in my day, but I hope to surmount all of them at some point.    I have not had a bad one so far.  This beer is right up with the others.  Quality brew.  Full flavored, very delicious.  This BIPA packs a nice array of spices from start to finish.  It generates excitement for the Chicagoland area, that yet another quality brew maker may be on the horizon.

This style of beer is solid in that it encompasses both IPA and Belgian beer lovers with this collaboration of flavor and hops.  It’s a hybrid beer in essence, between an American IPA with a Belgian Tripel.  On top of that, this appears to be a very trendy style of beer, with more and more pour houses and breweries offering at least one.  We are just at the tip of the iceberg for BIPAs. 

Praise and rejoice.

Acquisition:  22 oz. - $9


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