Sunday, July 1, 2012

Review: Birra del Borgo ReAle Extra

Brewery:  Birra del Borgo
Locale:  Borgorose, Italy
Craft Circa:  2005
Style:  India Pale Ale
ABV:  6.2%

Label:   Simple. The font looks as if hop vines are growing across the label. 

SPAIN - Estrella Damm Daura   (refer to our review)


ITALY - Birra del Borgo ReAle Extra

Overall:   In honor of the Euro 2012 tourney concluding this afternoon, we wanted to provide a review of two beers brewed and crafted in the countries participating in the finals today.  Spain and Italy.  For Italy, we were in search of the original ReAle, which is their rendition of an American Pale Ale, but the ReAle Extra was what was available at our local store.  This is considered an extra hopped version of the ReAle.  Per the Birra del Borgo website, all the hops are added during the last 10 minutes of the boil, using 3 times more than regular ReAle.

Average  to above average IPA.  The more you sip it the more profound it becomes, but it does stick around a little too long.  I was about to write this one off, but the more you drink it, the more drinkable it becomes.  What drags this ale down is the immediate bitterness and the tangy Carolina BBQ Sauce flavor that follows.  Ok, i'm exaggerating, but it sure is sweet and tangy.  Not overwhelming, but enough to avoid calling this brew above average.  If I were to sip on this each time I cheered on Gli Azzurri in the Euro, I’m glad it takes place every four years as that is all my palate can take of this.  Too sweet for my liking… but not as sweet as this Diana Ross penalty kick.

Acquisition:  375 ML - $9

Tidbit:  By the way, if you are ever in the Carolina area on a road trip.  Highly recommend the link above.  Bubba’s BBQ is quite good, and right off I-77, north of Charlotte. 


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