Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Review: Two Brothers Dog Days Lager

Brewery:  Two Brothers Brewing Company
Locale:  Warrenville, IL
Craft Circa:  1997
Style:  Lager – Dortmunder Style
ABV:  5.1%
IBUs:  17
Notables:  Seasonal between April & August

Label:  Appropriate for dog lovers and beer lovers alike.  

Overall:   Brings back memories of my first sip of dad’s MGD way back when…. only much better.   I usually do not drink too many lagers unless it’s an Iron City during a Stillers playoff game.  The lager is a crisp, refreshing beer.  It’s full of flavor, has slight caramel, and a hint of hops… overall a very good, quality lager.  The beer has stamina, and keeps delivering the goods.  I believe Two Brothers nailed this style.   

I rarely purchase lagers, but I would definitely drink this beer under the right circumstances.  For example, if Gooner was having a bash, and had some in the cooler, I’d be enthralled to drink a few or twelve.  If there are lager drinkers who are not accustomed to branching off from their MGD’s, get them a six pack to try.  They’ll love it.

It’s the best thing to come out of Germany since Indiana and Henry Jones on a zeppelin. 

Acquisition:  6 pack - $10

Windfall:  Dortmunder means something or someone from Dortmund, Germany.  In this case, it refers to the style of Lager.  Lagers are interesting in that it is one of the few basic brews that cannot be made by the amateur home brewer because it is a type of beer that is fermented and conditioned at low temperatures, which are difficult to control and mandate for the amateur brewer.


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