Friday, August 3, 2012

Review: Revolution Brewing Coup d'Etat

Brewery:  Revolution Brewing
Locale:  Logan Square, IL (Chicago)
Craft Circa:  2010
Style:  French Style Saison
ABV:  7.6%
IBUs: 50

 Label:  Get used to seeing these fists breaking through a grocer aisle near you.

Overall:   In case you missed it, there was breaking news on a revolution a brewing here in Chicago reported here at B&B.  Not sure if you caught it, but there’s been a Coup d'Etat; a strike against the state of the general beer drinker nation.  Coup d’Etat, the overthrow, or sudden illegal declaration of a government is such a fitting and an appropriate name of one of the first Revolution brews to be bottled and hit the streets. 

Per wiki, a Coup d'Etat is considered successful when the usurpers establish their dominance. When the coup neither fails completely nor succeeds, a civil war is a likely consequence.  Well this Saison (French for season) is in fact a disturbance.  It’s the Woody Woodpecker of French Style Saisons.  It’s a crisp brew, with a pale malty stamina, quite flavorful for the style.  It ruptures with all the Saison elements you would want to find in a brew, and possibly a tad overboard for my tastes… but for Saison lovers, this ale is right up your backstreet.  It’s lightly hopped, has an array of spices, and it seems as though there was a real Fruit Ninja standing atop this vat before it was sealed for fermentation.  Reasonably tasty.

My pour had no head whatsoever, yet there was still a moderate amount of carbonation.  I’ve been reading the opposite pertaining to the carbonation aspect of this brew’s pour, but either way there is no lack of the quality of this ale.  This would be one of my favorite offerings from Rev Brew if this style was a preference of mine.   It has quality and class for such a rebellious brew. 

Grab a bottle, this Frenchman will knock you off your feet.

Acquisition:  22 ouncer - $7

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