Monday, August 13, 2012

Review: Avery Brewing IPA & Kaos Pizzeria

Brewery: Avery Brewing
Locale: Boulder, Colorado
Craft Circa:  1993 
Style:  India Pale Ale
ABV:  6.50%
IBU: 69
Notables: Available year-round

Restaurant: Kaos Pizzeria
Locale: Denver, Colorado (on historic South Pearl Street)
Restaurant Circa: 2009
Type: Italian
Notables: Great garden dining area and decent beer selection.  Bring your best friend…dog that is.  They can dine with humans in a designated area in the garden.  Kid friendly too ;).

Avery Brewing's IPA
Overall: B&B headed out west to Denver to review Kaos Pizzeria and some local beer.  First up, Kaos Pizzeria...great garden dining atmosphere, and outstanding Naples style pizza baked in wood fired ovens.  I had the pepperoni and Margherita (per Wikipedia named after Queen Margherita after a visit to Naples), which was chock-full of fresh flavorful ingredients and delicious crust.  I felt like I was transported to Naples.  No, I haven’t been there but I’ve had my share of Naples style pizza, as in Naples, Italy, which is considered the birthplace of that circular disc of eating pleasure.  Kaos Pizzeria is nestled on a quaint, hodge-podgy stretch of shops, restaurants and houses (and yes, Rx medical marijuana joints…intentional pun) along historic South Pearl Street located south of Downtown Denver.  No, it’s not a “cheesy” front for KAOS, the global organized crime syndicate, nemesis of CONTROL in the TV series “Get Smart(Wikipedia).  Kaos Pizzeria didn’t miss it by that much; it was on the mark.

Instead of vino as the sidekick or “Agent 99” to my pizza, I was treated to a $2 draft of Avery’s IPA (happy hour time at Kaos ;)).  This IPA just kept on delivering a steady wave of hoppy heaven with each sip.  This beer went really well with the Neapolitan pizza.  It held up well and made me want more.  And from what I can tell, Avery Brewing isn’t run by Boulder resident Mork” from Ork, “Na-Nu Na-Nu….awww Shazbot!” 

Kaos had a respectable beer selection and fantastic pizza.  The service was good, not stellar, but we were in no hurry and only waited a bit for the check.  The drink and food came quickly.

Mini-review: I drank this after the Avery IPA.  Normally I wouldn’t mention a second beer in the review but I thought this was worthwhile to mention.  The beer was the “St. Lupulin” American Pale Ale from the Odell Brewery in Fort Collins, Colorado (north of Denver).  It had a slight hoppiness to it and was smooth with every sip.  Quite tasty! 
Odell Brewery's "St. Lupulin" APA
Acquisition:  Pizzas range from $7-$20 depending on size and toppings (two small pizzas contained in the review were $9-$10).  $2 draft beer happy hour special.


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