Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pour Some “Fudge” On Me…Review: The Original Margie’s Candies

Establishment: Margie's Candies
Locale: Chicago, Illinois in the Bucktown Neighborhood
Circa:  1921 
Notables: Year-round.
ISU*: 100
Fudge Atomic Sundae
In tune indeed
Overall: Ok, so this review is ALL “Beyond”; no “Brews” here unless you want to count the root “beer” float.  Summer’s winding down so it’s time to get that ice cream fix before you can store your ice cream outside.  The original Margie’s Candies has been a fixture in Chicago’s Bucktown Neighborhood for 91 years so they must be doing something right (there’s another location in Chicago’s North Center neighborhood that opened in 2005).  What is that something?  Is it the tacky décor complete with “Hello Kitty” and various knickknacks?  Is it the restroom right off the dining room?  Is it the old freezers storing the ice cream?  Is it the jukebox at each table?  Who knows?  The menu contains three pages of various ice cream treats and desserts.  I ate chicken noodle soup and a corned beef sandwich before getting to the main event - ice cream - but the soup and sandwich was nothing special.  However, the sundae was outstanding.  There’s no shortage of hot fudge that comes with the appropriately named “Fudge Atomic Sundae”.  It was “the bomb”; a mushroom cloud of fudge-lusciousness:  

Two scoops of chocolate ice cream were nestled in a half clamshell dish with whipped cream, cherry, wafer cookies (nice touch) and the already applied chocolate syrup that “hardens” on contact with the ice cream (I’m not a big fan of this but it somehow works with the sundae).  Alongside the clam shell is a gravy boat of hot fudgy goodness.  The sundae was crying out “Pour some fudge on me!” to the tune of Def Leppard’s famous song (Wikipedia).
Pour Some Fudge On Me
According to Margie’s website their ice cream and toppings are made fresh, with all natural and Kosher ingredients.  And you can taste it.  Pick your flavor of ice cream, even add a scoop to make it 3 (Call it a “Jumbo Fudge Atomic Sundae” and add a $1 more).

Mini-review: Root beer float with French vanilla ice cream.  Quite tasty, but my only criticism is that it’s such a small portion ;).
Acquisition: Two Scoop Fudge Atomic Sundae - $5.95 (SO much for so little!)

Windfall: Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar On Me” reached number 2 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 in 1988 (Wikipedia)According to Margie’s website “Musical legends, Hollywood greats and sports stars — and even famous gangster Al Capone — have found sweet release at Margie's Candies. The Beatles dropped by with dates after performing at Comiskey Park. Years later, a group of men in long black coats walked in and requested the booth where the Fab Four had sat. The waitress was a little leery of the men but they proved sincere. Turns out they were the Rolling Stones.”  Apparently The Boss himself visited, too, and sat in the same booth. 

Good eating!


*ISU - International Sweetness Units (I’m a beer nerd)

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